Happy mail

Happy mail (ハッピーメール)

The number of Female members is currently No.1 in the Japan’s dating local websites .
There is no English page, so You need some Japanese knowledge or use translation website to use and communicate with Japanese women.
Happy mail is the best dating classic website.
They check fake profiles so The female members are mostly real.


・For men’s member , point system
For female member, if they do any actions, they get mileage.
・Inquiry form
・Resign form

Their members  is  more than 3.5 million people. They are  point system dating website.
Reply rate from women is very  high, and there is no Fake members basically.
You can get free point first.

Membership fee
It’s free to join. then if you like , you can purchase points.
For women, you don’t need to purchase the points.

Men’s member

  • You can get 135 points(max) at the first registration.
  • Free member can use 11 features at most.
  • 1 point = 10 yen

How to register

Note: You need Japanese mobile phone number. ( If you live in overseas, please try to register by facebook account)

Go to Happy mail 

Click men or Register by Facebook account.



Then you start to fill in the registration form.


地域=Place where you live (九州・沖縄=Kyushu,okinawa ,中国=chugoku(hiroshima)四国=shikoku関西=Kansai(osaka)東海= tokai(nagoya)北陸= hokuriku関東= Kanto(tokyo)甲信越= (nagano)東北=tohoku,北海道=hokkaido,海外=overseas)
都道府県= prefectures
年齢= age
ニックネーム = nick name
身長= hight (cm)
スタイル = your body type(細身=slim, ややスレンダー= little slim, 普通= average, ナイスバディー= nice body, がっちり= muscular,ややぽっちゃり=chubby ぽっちゃり=fat)
ルックス = your looks (ナイショ= sercret, ジャニー系= boys group type, ストリート系= street fashion, かわいい系= cute, スポーツ系= sporty, ワイルド系= wild ,お笑い系= funny, ヴィジュアル系 = J-rock type, フェロモン系= sexy, いやし系= sweet, ギャル男系= host boy type, おじさま系= old man, ダンディー系= dandy, サラリーマン系= salary man type, 年相応= looks one’s age, ちょいワルオヤジ=older and fashionable man, カジュアル系=casual, さわやか系=fresh, 秋葉系= akihabara boy)
職業 = your job ( ナイショ= sercret, 会社員=office worker 会社役員=company executive, 自営業= self employee, 公務員= public officer, OL= office lady, サービス業 = service industry ,医師= doctor, ナース= nurse, 女医師 = female doctor, 人妻 = house wife , 家事手伝い =homemaker, フリーター = part time job,学生= student, 専門学校 = special school student, アパレル関係= apparel sales, 福祉関係= welfare, 広告関係= advertisement ,インストラクター = instructor, 運送関係= shipping, 販売員= shop sales ,シェフ= chef, 航空関係=aviation duty, 美容関係=beauty business,保育士-childcare ,ホスト=boy’s bar, 消防士=fire fighter,エンジニア=engineer,ショップ店員= shop staff, 医療関係-medical, IT関係= IT, 飲食関係= food business, 金融・保険業=finance・insuarance, 無職=unemployment, その他= other)
詳細エリア = detail <— not sure what is this. you can blank.

一口コメント= PR

求める相手= Person you seek (メル友=mail friend, 遊び友達=soulmate, 恋人=lover)
電話番号= Phone number (mobile number 11 digit)
暗証番号= password (4 digit)

Then click next


You will see confirmation page.

Then A number appear like 050-XXX-XXXX

You need to call the number to confirm your number. You need to use the number( mobile phone)  you filled in the registration form.

You hear the voice machne. Press 1 to register. 

I think only domestic call is available.( If you live in overseas, please try to register by facebook account)  Then back to the registration page. Click 登録する = register


That’s all.

Join to Happy mail